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Full Movie: Personal ASSistant

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Personal ASSistant

If you are already married, does that mean that your sexual life has to be boring and there is nothing that your wife and you could do to spice things up between you two? Certainly not and, even more definitely, not on! Inside of our latest threesome VR porn scene called the Personal ASSistant, we are humbly giving you a very interesting idea of how could you spend an extremely sexual evening with your wife and someone else probably coming up with the best and kinkiest sexual dreams of yours and making your erotic life shine again! And you know what? Even if your wife in the real life is not so understanding, you could still just wear your VR headset and watch this brand new babe VR porn video after all, our website has been made to give you something extra in terms of your sexual life, and you can always keep coming back to VR Bangers for more and more of your unfulfilled erotic fantasies and dreams to come true. In this brand new VR porn movie in ultra high definition, you will for the needs of this VR porn fantasy become a husband of Alexis Zara, and together with her hire a personal secretary that should help you with all your duties and business inside of your house and, as it turns out, with something else, too! When Alexis will admit to you that she has always wanted to fuck a girl, and your secretary Vanna Bardot will be ready to do some extra assignments, as long as you will pay her properly, you are going to have a super-hot three-way with these two beautiful sluts, and fuck both of their juicy pussies as hard as you desire on behalf of Sounds a like a good plan for the evening? Then wear your VR goggles and make it happen now!

Released:Dec 07, 2019
Length:41 min

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