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Full Movie: Bridgette's B-Side

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Full Movie: Bridgette's B-Side

Bridgette's B-Side

Your girl Bridgette deserves nothing but the best. Thats why you flew her out to Bali for a week-long getaway. This curvy Latina couldnt be happier. Its time to forget about the hum-drum responsibilities of daily life and truly enjoy yourself. What better way to do that than to watch Ms. B swim naked in the pool? The tropical sun has got her wet as can be and she wants you to feel her. Well, one quick dip in the pool could very well turn into a dip into her asshole. Thats right, its time to take it to the next level and hit up the comfortable cabana and fill up all of Bridgettes holes. Theres just nothing that beats the view of Bridgettes huge tits bouncing in your face. When you finally squeeze yourself into her tight asshole, you are already on the verge of shooting your load. But keep it together, kid, she wont stop until shes had her fill. But once, shes cum, go for it and blow your load into her sweet sweet asshole.

Released:Nov 21, 2019
Length:42 min

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